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It’s our passion and continuous commitment to manufacture and deliver world class products that stand a test of time. We work in close contact with our clients and as per their specifications for benefit of the project. We believe that continuous investment in technology and innovation that delights a customer is the key to leadership. Our focus always remains on right material selection, designing, Installation Guidance, inspection, packaging, shipping and everything that's required to ensure trouble free supply of the required products to the project site.

As an end-to-end solution provider
our product manufacturing encapsulates:

Conceptual design | Prototype development | Testing and validation | Manufacturing | Logistic support | Installation | Comprehensive after sales service

Delivering Composite Solutions with Highest Precision

Our FRP Products and the Manufacturing Process

Our knowledge in design and engineering of complex composite and FRP components coupled with our expertise in a wide range of composite and FRP materials and manufacturing processes makes us a one stop shop for all composite product requirements. We use Hand Lay-up, LRTM and Filament Winding processes to manufacture a wide range of products.

1. Hand Lay-up Process

The products manufactured by this process follow below steps:

Gel coat

Gel coat gives the smoothness required for the product. It is a thin layer of resin that is about several microns on the surface of the product. After adding proper pigments to the resin, the colour is obtained. The gel coat forms a protective layer to protect the fiberglass from contacting with water and chemicals.


The surface mat layer is placed under the gel coat. The mat provides the anti-crack and impact strength for the resin layer.


The resin wetted glass fiber layer is laid in sequence until the required thickness is reached. The finished material is called lamination. Laminate gives the product desired strength and rigidity. Glass fibers in the chopped strand mat (CSM) are usually used for obtaining composite material products. Woven roving, one-way mat and two-way mat are also used for acquiring high strength composite materials.


Fiberglass laminate provides a rough surface finish. In order to obtain a smoother surface, we apply a surface mat or resin coating to the laminate and smooth it by placing a thin layer of Mylar.

Products Manufactured by Hand Lay-up process


Chennai Metro Fire & Smoke Standard-NFF 16-101,

Sydney Metro Fire & Smoke Standard - EN 45545-2 HL-2,

Indian Railways-MDTC-167A, MDTS-350.


Driver Desk/Consoles

Cab Fitting Internal Garnishing Parts (CMRL/SYDNEY/Mumbai)

Complete coach interiors for LHB coach of Indian Railways


2. Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM) Manufacturing Process

LRTM is a vacuum-assisted, resin transfer process. This process yields better laminate compression, a high glass-to-resin ratio and great strength-to-weight characteristics.

Reinforcement mat or woven roving is placed in the mold, which is then closed and clamped. Catalyzed, low-viscosity resin is pumped under pressure, removing the air and venting it at the edges, until the mold is filled.

Benefits of this process includes- good cosmetic finishes and consistent part thickness. Fast cycle times ensures a lower manufacturing cost.

• Fire & smoke standard - NFF18101, Both sides of side wall, smooth surface finish requirements.

• Gel coat + Resin used are polyester grade & Polyurethane based paint with clear coat with gloss requirement is more than 90.

• Special grade of glass fiber with polypropylene core mat is used.

Products manufactured by LRTM Process


Door manufactured for GE


Side Wall Manufactured for Lucknow Metro

3. Filament Winding Manufacturing Process

This method makes the manufacturing of fiberglass products without void possible and also ensures high fiber volume ratio of up to 80%. Due to the fiber placement control, the highest strength of FRP products can be achieved.

Products manufactured by this process


Application: Insulation | Requirement: Thermal stability, Fire resistance

Resin : Vinyl ester grade | Glass Fiber: Roving form | Glass content: Min 70 %

Quality- Reliability- Performance

Why choose our products?

• Stronger than other materials like steel, aluminum etc

• Structures made with composites have a long life and require little maintenance

• High temperature, flame resistance and impact resistance

• Cost effective quality products

• High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

• Corrosion Resistant

• Highly durable

• Lightweight composition

• Low cost of maintenance and long life

• Number of quality checks applied before delivery

• Tried, Tested and Trusted

• A decade of producing quality products

• Cost effective quality products